Victorian Schoolday

Book a Victorian School experience for your school class.  Presided over by our very own Headteacher, your pupils will gain an understanding (and perhaps sympathy for) of what a schoolday was like for a Victorian schoolchild.

We can accomodate around 34 students at a time.  For larger classes we can do a morning and afternoon session.  We close the Centre to the public when we are doing schooldays.    We expect the students’ teacher(s) to be there and also any schoolroom assistants.  
We encourage student participation whilst being mindful that Victorian pupils were “seen and not heard”, did not speak unless spoken to or to answer a question.  For many students it is quite a shock when they realise how ‘relaxed’ todays lessons are.  It is great fun and and many schools book every year for their students.

Chilvers Coton Free School in 1870 – Girls class.  The boys and girls were taught separately with separate playgrounds.

Drop us an email with your school, contact number, your name, date wanted and approx. number of pupils in the class and we will contact you.