The Victorian Schoolroom

The Beryl Kerby schoolroom and the associated Headmistress's Parlour are the jewel of the Heritage Centre. Virtually unchanged for the last 150 years this is how schoolrooms used to be. The wooden desks, inkwells, blackboard and the teacher's High Stool will evoke memories for those of more mature years and wonder, surprise and perhaps even horror for the children of today. Our Victorian School Experience, which is available for booking by any school, gives children an insight into the fascinating and alien world of our ancestor's schooldays. Our target groups are key stages 1 and 2 as we have found that this age group benefits most from the Victorian Experience.

We require teacher(s) to accompany the class and to be present throughout the lessons. The schoolroom and associated rooms are closed to the public when we have a Victorian Schoolday in progress. The maximum class is 34 pupils and includes lessons as would have been given in the late 1800's and an interactive session in the Victorian Parlour.

Following the classroom session we include a visit to the Victorian Parlour to show domestic life in Victorian times.